20 Years Strong – by Tammy Moran

At Beta Change, we love hearing about what people are doing in their diabetes community to inspire others and to raise awareness of diabetes. Our new section ‘Global Postcards’ will bring these stories to you. Today, we’re hearing from our friend, Tammy Moran, who lives in Perth, Australia.

On Tuesday 11th July, I celebrated my 20th year of living with T1D (woohoo, yay!) I was diagnosed in Christchurch, New Zealand while on a family holiday and was placed on Actrapid and Protophane with doses consisting of 30units and 26units respectively by use of syringes and vials. Oh what delightful times they were 😉 Now I use Lantus (11units) and Apidra (20units maximum) daily, by MDI administration. Glucose monitors have changed significantly and now that I carb count, I can’t even fathom using a basic meter which only tells me my BGL. The profound leaps and bounds that have been achieved in regards to research, technology, language, anti-
discrimination, by-laws and political campaigns is truly inspiring and we need to remember how lucky we are that we are able to live with this disease now and not in the early 1900s, whereby it was a death sentence.

Diabetes: Forever & Always

This is the name of my Facebook page and brand new blog! I started my Facebook page in 2016, after I came home from the IDF World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver, Canada having represented Western Australia. I found that so many people from numerous countries wanted to learn about diabetes in Australia, what I do for a living, and my achievements and activities. I decided to create a page dedicated to exploring these topics and to interact with others around Australia and the world. I post funny memes, quotes, current research trials, future seminars, recalls on products/medications, new research findings and photos of my diabetes journey.

My blog on the other hand was created after many months of truly understanding the concept of blogging, my availability and enticing topics. There are so many blogs out there these days, that it is hard to stand out unless you do something outrageous or risqué. My first blog post – 20 years strong, is about everything that I have learnt in living with this disease and the changes that have occurred. It may sound ho-hum, but go read it. You’ll soon find out that I am quite a ‘black/white, hard facts kinda girl’ and I don’t mince my words.

Perth Diabetes Care (PDC)

My position within PDC is Marketing, Events & Youth Advisory Coordinator. One of the most important sectors to PDC is their small, focus-driven educational events for Health Care Professionals, people living with diabetes and their support team. Thankfully I am able to devise these events with the incredible PDC clinicians and Youth Advisory Committee members. There is nothing better than having a person greet me after an event and tell me how much they learnt, the support they felt within the room and knowing that PDC is a dedicated centre for adults. Being able to learn in person from people with the same disease, or professionals who have a deep passion for it, makes it so much more worthwhile than online learning.

National Diabetes Week in Australia

For National Diabetes Week this year, Diabetes Australia focussed on the importance for everyone to know the 4 T’s of diabetes (Thirst, Tired, Thin and Toilet). Diabetes Victoria also touched on the stigma of living with an invisible condition. 

Lou, champion advocate for young adults with type 2 in Australia, joins us as we shared experiences around diabetes advocacy and how we can help to increase diabetes awareness through these national and state wide campaigns. 

Diabetes Technology and the Privilege Bubble

The diabetes world is at odds. Diabetes technology is improving at a rapid rate and the hunt is always on for new gadgets. But there others who still struggle to afford basic needs such as insulin. How do we manage this and make the diabetes space an even playing field?

Here, we chat to Renza Scibilia, diabetes advocate and health writer from Melbourne, Australia, about diabetes technology and the privilege bubble.

Earth Day

Let’s face it. A byproduct of living with diabetes is all the extra plastic waste we produce from infusion sets, syringes and test strips containers. For Earth Day this year, we tap into Pei Yan’s biology conservationist side to talk about how we can reduce our impact on the environment.

How do you offset the extra waste we generate from diabetes consumables?

Access to Medication: What can we do to help?

Access to insulin is a matter of life or death for people with diabetes. Join us as we chat with Elizabeth Rowley, founder of T1International about Access to Medications about what the problem is, what needs to be done to resolve it and how T1International is doing just that. 

How do diabetes communities shape us as diabetes advocates?

What inspires you to volunteer your time and effort with a diabetes organisation or group? How does your diabetes community influence you in your advocacy efforts?

In our very first Virtual Roundtable, the Beta Change team discuss how diabetes communities shape us as diabetes advocates.