Diabetes Emergency Kits

In light of recent natural disasters and crazy things happening around the world, the team at Beta Change wanted to know how you prepare for these events. In this Virtual Roundtable, we chat about what events we will prepare an diabetes emergency kits and what’s in them apart from lipsticks…

What’s in your diabetes emergency kit and what do you use it for?

Evolution of Diabetes Education

Diabetes education is key to help us manage our diabetes to the best of our ability in line with our current situation. As our lives evolve, so too does our diabetes education.

In this Virtual Roundtable, Steph and Robert share their diabetes education stories, what worked for them and what needs to be changed. What has been your diabetes education experience like to date?

Diabetes Technology and the Privilege Bubble

The diabetes world is at odds. Diabetes technology is improving at a rapid rate and the hunt is always on for new gadgets. But there others who still struggle to afford basic needs such as insulin. How do we manage this and make the diabetes space an even playing field?

Here, we chat to Renza Scibilia, diabetes advocate and health writer from Melbourne, Australia, about diabetes technology and the privilege bubble.

Access to Medication: What can we do to help?

Access to insulin is a matter of life or death for people with diabetes. Join us as we chat with Elizabeth Rowley, founder of T1International about Access to Medications about what the problem is, what needs to be done to resolve it and how T1International is doing just that. 

How do diabetes communities shape us as diabetes advocates?

What inspires you to volunteer your time and effort with a diabetes organisation or group? How does your diabetes community influence you in your advocacy efforts?

In our very first Virtual Roundtable, the Beta Change team discuss how diabetes communities shape us as diabetes advocates.