Fuelling Passions – by Shaina

Shaina Hatchell, BSN, RN, CDCES, is the author of Shia Learns and a recent Beta Change Minisode guest based in Washington, D.C.

I am a strong believer that my talents and life story are not for me. There is triumph in speaking about my life and using what some may see as my pain to fuel my passions.

My career as a CDCES nurse and now being an author of the Shia Learns series are all products of my career affirmations. When I started my personal journey of changing my life with affirmations, manifesting, and intentional living, my biggest goals were to become a certified diabetes educator and a published author. Today, I have accomplished both. 

Shia Learns is a small percent of my company, E1T1D Assembly. Each 1 Teach 1 Diabetes (E1T1D) Assembly is a company I created to be a community for people living with T1D, their allies, and educators. The E1T1D business umbrella also encompasses diabetes education programs, and a mentorship program for future BIPOC nutritionists and nurses at historically Black colleges and universities. I will also be doing freelance diabetes education for teachers/non medical staff and starting a mentorship program for RN/RD students at HBCUs to increase BIPOC educators.

Since starting my own business, I have learned that it is okay to start over. Until December 2020, I was the CEO of Product of My Affirmation, lovingly called “POMYA”. It is an oasis of stories and products geared to helping women and men on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. I started this business after overcoming suicidal ideation. I was extremely unhappy with my life until I decided to move across the country (to Los Angeles) and turn my life into one that I wanted to live. I did this by stating daily affirmations, choosing to live intentionally, setting life goals, and working towards them day by day. I wanted to start a brand that allowed for a community to come together, find inspiration and feel uplifted while having a safe space to share their stories.

Now that I have published my first book and am in the process of publishing the second, I am working on merging POMYA’s brand initiatives with my passion of being an advocate and devoted ally to the diabetes community – inspired by my brother’s type 1 diagnosis. I decided to step away from POMYA full-time to focus on E1T1D Assembly. At the same time, self love, self care, and believing in an individual’s ability to achieve whatever it is that they want are ideas I continue to reinforce to my patients and their families as a CDCES! I am patient with myself and my brand’s growth, which has made this journey rewarding. 

I have received many personal messages from T1D siblings and people with suicidal ideation who have thanked me for my ability to share my life and family’s story. It is so important to step up as allies! We are the individuals who can bridge the gap and help better normalize diabetes conversations. Individuals living with diabetes deserve to feel normal and I will not stop until saying “I have diabetes” is normal and understood. I love speaking about both mental health and diabetes on my platforms. If being so transparent helps one person/family, then it has been worth it.

Follow @shialearns on Instagram, and check out Shai’s Minisode with Pei Yan Heng here!

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