Diabetes Care During COVID Times – by the Diabetes Community Care Team

The Diabetes Community Care Team (DCCT) is a nonprofit, pharmacist-operated diabetes clinic which increases opportunities for people living with diabetes to access medical care and education. Our Mission is to help people with all types of diabetes manage the challenges of living with a chronic disease and mitigate barriers to care including financial, psychological, and medical. While we hope that one day diabetes can be cured and/or eliminated, our vision is to ensure ongoing community access to quality diabetes treatment, education, care, and management regardless of financial or insurance status now and in the future. While COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges, not least of which is keeping our at-risk clientele safe, we are rising to the challenges and have been able to offer significant help to those impacted by the health crisis and to the victims of the recent Oregon wildfires.

Julie Dewsnup is not only the founder and Executive Director of DCCT, she’s also a pharmacist and recognized diabetes educator

During these difficult times, our services are more critical to our community than ever. In addition to our billable services like Diabetes Education and full-service pharmacy, we offer our current and future clients the use of our Charitable Pharmacy, where we work specifically with uninsured patients to ensure they are still able to receive quality care when it comes to managing diabetes. Given that the current American Health system often ties health care and insurance with employment, many Americans are losing or have lost their health benefits as the direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic decimating the job markets. All medications used by our Charitable Pharmacy are the direct result of generous donations by local and regions healthcare facilities and long-term residences as well as the outcomes of a generous grant from the PacificSource Foundation for Health Improvement and United Way of Lane County made specifically for the purchase of diabetic medications. Furthermore, we are also staffed with pharmacists, all of whom generously donate their time and expertise, that are also trained to specifically address the particular needs of both people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Pharmacists Molly Bloom and John Marvin show off their pandemic savoir flair

We also offer a free mentorship program (BETA – Buddies Empower Teach Achieve) for children who may also be struggling with their type 1 diagnoses and who may benefit from the experience of being paired with college students, all of whom have been trained as diabetes paraprofessionals and who also live with type 1. Led by intern Adriana Wisniewski, a student at the University of Oregon, this mentorship program is in the process of a successful transition to a virtual format in order to keep the support system in place for our BETA mentors and mentees alike.

For more information about Diabetes Community Care Team or how you can help, please visit www.dcct.life.

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