Catch a glimpse of the #insulin4all movement in this Beta Change Global Postcard from NYC, where one of six vigils was held to remember people in the diabetes community who died because insulin was unaffordable – and to call for substantial overhaul (sometimes by literally calling Lilly’s ethics hotline to report a violation) of the pricing of crucial medications by manufacturers.

Marina Tsaplina, founder of TheBetes.org, led protestors to the vigil site at the Eli Lilly Research Center (Alexandria Center for Life Science) in Manhattan. 

Melissa, who recently celebrated 20 years with diabetes, showed off her new tattoo (which means “I am greater than my highs and lows”) as she talked about what prompted her to join the New York #insulin4all chapter.

“At the beginning of this year, I had to switch health insurance. I had a super-high deductible, and the first time I went to buy insulin it cost me about $1,000 for a month’s supply. And that’s not even accounting for the supplies I need to get the insulin into my body. So that’s what made me look into actions that were being taken to bring awareness to and make change about insulin pricing.” 

“We are here ahead of a vigil in Indianapolis that is held each year by T1International to honor those who have died rationing insulin they could not afford.” – Karlynn,  #insulin4all NYC lead and future medical doctor

A blue accordion complemented the march across 1st Avenue and guided the chants in front of the Alexandria Center, while participants carried handmade signs and banners.

Britt, who’s lived with type 1 for 22 years, said she went immediately went to law school after college because she was afraid of being kicked off her parents’ insurance after graduating from college. 

“I think every diabetic can relate to the fear and panic of thinking about not having enough insulin.” 

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