Breaking Down the Technology Barrier – by Kamil aka Nerdabetic

At Beta Change, we love getting updates on latest and greatest diabetes technology that’s happening around the world. It’s no surprise that we came across Nerdabetic’s amazing YouTube and Instagram accounts while doing so! We’re lucky enough to get a quick introduction to Kamil, the person behind Nerdabetic, and to find out why he does what he does! 

My name is Kamil, a lover of coffee, insulin and trains. In the diabetes online community (DOC), I am known as Nerdabetic. Originally, I called myself ‘diabetic energetic’ but quickly realised that energetic really does not describe me well and changed it to something more me – NERDabetic!

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 7 years now and I only discovered DOC about 3 years ago. I started my own YouTube channel hoping that I will be able to help some non-techy type 1s with understanding the newest technology. My passion for diabetes technology started when I transitioned to a new diabetes clinic and my nurse showed me the Freestyle Libre. Up until then, I had no idea CGMs existed. 

CGM has been truly life changing for me; the ability to notice trends, improved Hba1C and simply improved standard of living. This ‘CGM discovery’ has possibly led to an even more impactful DOC discovery. After a while, I had the courage to do my own part of DOC and started my YouTube channel and corresponding Instagram and Twitter. My channel has videos about various diabetes tech products. 

For a while, I have been making monthly videos called Diabetes Technology Report – a single video with all diabetes tech news from the previous month. This report is aimed at everyone, so I explain ‘hybrid closed loop system’ as ‘give me more insulin when I’m high and less insulin when I’m low’. In my opinion, those simple language differences make a huge impact as everyone can follow and knows what it actually means. 

I know that tech is not a cure, but it does help us a lot and I think it is important that the community knows what is happening in the diabetes tech space. It empowers us to make our own decisions about preferred treatment options and we should know about ALL options to make the best decisions. Tech is not an answer to everyone but it definitely was for me. 

Keep up to date with Kamil aka Nerdabetic’s updates here:
Youtube: Nerdabetic 
Twitter: @nerdabetic 
Instagram: @nerdabetic 

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