Starting A College Diabetes Network Chapter – by Nicole Reed

Nicole Reed shares her story of how and why she founded the New York University Chapter of the College Diabetes Network. To hear more, head to our Facebook Page to check out the recent Minisode she did with us!

I founded the New York University (NYU) Chapter of the College Diabetes Network in the fall of 2016. My goal was to provide those living with type one diabetes a community of support and to raise awareness. The NYU Chapter, which is the first chapter of the College Diabetes Network in New York City, meets on a monthly basis for discussions related to the experience of living with diabetes in college. Past meetings have included discussions about diabetes with regard to academic performance, relationships, mental stress, and travelling. In the spirit of serving others, the NYU Chapter also volunteered at the JDRF Type One Nation event in the Spring of 2017 to answer any questions people had about life with diabetes on campus. 

Created in 2010 by Christina Roth, a student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, the College Diabetes Network is a non-profit organization, which provides innovative peer-based programs on college campuses (and beyond) and empowers young adults to succeed in life with diabetes. The College Diabetes Network nurtures a community of support through online resources, such as its website and social media pages, in addition to parents, fellow students, medical authorities, and campus administrators. 

The most common question that I am asked when I tell people I have diabetes is: “how did you find out that you have this condition?” Symptoms like unquenchable thirst, utter exhaustion, and frequent urination persisted for a few months until my blood sugar reached a dangerously high level, which made me feel very sick. Shortly after my diagnosis in the emergency room at a local hospital, my family and I began attending events hosted by my local JDRF chapter. Having experienced the unconditional support and care from people in the exact situation as myself, I wanted to give people living with type one diabetes opportunities to form bonds with one another. 

On Tuesday, September 26th, I will celebrate my 10th anniversary living with type one diabetes! 

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