Welcome to Beta Change

Welcome to the Beta Change blog! Here, we share with you stories from the diabetes community. For our very first story, we want to tell you about how we came to be…

Beta Change was co-founded by RobertStephaniePei YanKatie and Ashley. We met through the International Diabetes Federation’s Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme. In 2017, we welcomed Fiona to the team. We will each tell you our own stories of how we arrived at Beta Change, but – spoiler alert! – a central theme continues to be the inspiration and energy stemming from the tangible connections we make with young diabetes advocates from all over the world. These connections are what motivate us each day to fill the gaps we see within the diabetes community, and Beta Change resulted from those initial sparks of inspiration!

Beta Change aims to bring the diabetes community together. From grassroots advocates to healthcare professionals, from policy makers to industry movers and shakers – we believe everyone has an important role to play and something important to contribute. By working with each other, we will be the change we want to see in the diabetes community.

Today, we are building Beta Change brick by brick. We invite you to join us as we create a world in which diabetes isn’t a barrier to a full and happy life, anywhere and everywhere!

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