Katie Doyle, New York, USA

Like many of you living with diabetes, I wear many hats: producer of Minisodes, curator of online content, and director of all things creative at Beta Change.

As a freelance media artist and owner of Cambia Creative, LLC, a media consulting and production company in New York, I produce written and visual content and am currently working on a short documentary. I’ve worked across industries like travel, adventure tourism, the arts, and with various non-profits. My work in diabetes started with volunteering at JDRF One Walks and Children with Diabetes Friends for Life. These networks grew into broader connections that led me to become a guest writer for the AADE blog and eventually an IDF Young Leader in Diabetes.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 11. I was initially hesitant to get involved in the diabetes community, due to a few common misconceptions of what hanging out with a group of people with diabetes would be like: I didn’t want to be surrounded by people who were simply delighted to live with diabetes every single day, people who gleefully checked their blood sugars left and right, and people who were also much better at managing their diabetes than I perceived myself to be at managing mine.

As it turned out, that was not the case. It says something about the strength and potential of the diabetes community that geologists, dietitians, teachers, artists, and entrepreneurs share their experiences with each other and everyone else to create change for the better. I now count these brilliant, outgoing, caring, and ambitious individuals among my close friends—four of whom I’m lucky enough to work with here at Beta Change!

Check out Katie and Cambia Creative and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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