Fiona Scott, Melbourne, Australia

I’m a proud Mum, happily married, a Geelong Cats footy fan, love Mickey Mouse, a nurse, Credentialed Diabetes Educator (CDE), and I have diabetes.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1988. Though I lived in Australia, there were very limited resources and support networks for those living with diabetes In the 1980’s. Therefore, this was one of the driving forces for me to become a CDE. 

As a CDE my greatest challenge is helping people with diabetes believe in themselves, no matter what their age is, and not see diabetes as a barrier towards achieving their dreams. Unfortunately in some parts of the world, even in Australia, a lack of access prevents some of them achieving their dreams big or small.

After 29 years of living with diabetes, I now see my diabetes as a gift; not one you would give to someone or want to receive, but one that has given me so many opportunities. Living with diabetes has also taught me that alone I can make a difference, but if we work together nothing is unachievable in the world of diabetes.

I’m proud and excited to join Beta Change who share my passion to make a global impact in the world of diabetes.

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